Millions Saved is a project led by the Center for Global Development. The 2016 edition of the book, Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health by Amanda Glassman and Miriam Temin with the Millions Saved Team and Advisory Group, follows on two previous editions, published in 2004 and 2007.

Get the book and read about 22 cases describing what works in global health.

A Global Health Revolution

Since the turn of the 21st century, people in low- and middle-income countries have experienced a health revolution, one that has created new opportunities and brought new challenges. It is a revolution that keeps mothers and babies alive, helps children grow, and enables adults to thrive through and beyond their productive years.

The Urgent Task Ahead

Yet that same health revolution has left many people behind, particularly those who are disadvantaged by the circumstances of their births. The urgent task ahead is to sustain and deepen health improvements in all regions of the world while finding creative ways to support better health among people who still suffer from exclusion and deprivation.

Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health chronicles the global health revolution from the ground up, showcasing 22 of the local, national, and regional health programs that have been part of this global change.

Financing the Revolution

Economic conditions have sparked the health revolution. Low- and middle-income countries’ economies have grown faster than those of their wealthier counterparts, and even the worst-off families have seen their living standards rise as national incomes have grown. Aid has also played a role. Foreign aid for health from public and private sources expanded fivefold between 1990 and 2013. And the arrival of new global health funders has fostered innovation and enabled delivery of health technologies even in the most impoverished and conflict-prone places in the world.